This section is for more specialist services including, ceramic coating, paint enhancments, paint spillages, scratch removal, industrial fall out removal, excess tar removal, vandalism, odour removal, cement removal, soft top cleaning and vomit/sick/feces cleaning & more!

Ceramic Coating

Add the toughest protection to your paint work, this will make cleaning your vehicle a lot easier, add shine and help protect from the elements and bird droppings

Prices from £180

Paint spillage

In the unfortunate event you have a paint spillage, this is something which we can help you with.

Unfortunatly if gloss paint that has been spilt there isn't a-lot that can be done.

Prices Vary

paint 1
paint 3

Convertable & Soft-top roof cleaning

This particular job can be very difficuly and time consuming, mold and moss build ups make the roofs look unsightly.

With the right products and expertise you can have your roof looking as good as new again

Prices start at £50 for cleaning or Clean & waterproofing £75

mg 1
roof 2
roof 1
roof 3

Vomit/Urnine/Feces Cleaning

Accidents happen! Fact..... And they aren't the nicest jobs to deal with, but you can rest assure, we can clean up all your spills and frills.

Prices start at £50 to clean the affected area

Paint Work Enhancment

This process is a single stage machine polish, ideal if your paint work is looking tired.

It will remove very fine marring and make your paint work pop!

Included with this is a wax protection.

Prices start at £160

paint enh 1
paint  enh 2
paint eh 3
paint enh 4
paint enh 6
paint enh 5

If you require any of the service stated on this page or you need somthing that's not mentioned, please don't hesitate to get in touch.